Ultrasonic rubber cutting machine

Ultrasonic Tire – Tyre – Rubber cutting Machine

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Ultraschall- Reifen Schneidmesser in Halbwelle Titan Schneiden Höhe.

These are the main features with ultrasonic cutting knife:

  • No sticking to the ultrasonic blade / horn / knife / sonotrode
  • Perfect clean cut surface
  • Compact equipment with a wide range of application
  • Scalable machines adjustable to your needs, via our partners.
  • Wide product variety of cutting without any tool changing, like for rubber tires.
  • No diameter, weight or thickness limits
  • Easy to wash down, and easy to maintain
  • Max. cutting width with 1 blade: 450 mm (20 kHz)
  • Possibility to increase the cutting width with blades in series
  • High speed slicing: 60 to 200 strokes / min. per blade
  • Working blade frequency: 20 kHz, 23 kHz, 25 kHz (sound of silence), 30 kHz, 35 kHz, 36 kHz, and 40 kHz.
  • Can be anodized, for even more easy cleaning and ware