Dukane Ultrasonic converters – Transducers – New – upgrade or repair

We make brand new, repair – reparieren or upgrade of all models of Dukane Ultrasonic transducer – converter – with long life time – compaired to original.

Email : info@sonic-power.com

We upgrade – service or repair – reparieren all kinds of Dukane Ultrasonic Transducers – converter – 20 kHz – 30 kHz – 40 kHz

Wir Serviceren Reparieren alle Arten von Dukane Ultraschallwandler – Ultraschall-schwinger – Ultraschall Konverter – Wandler – 15 kHz – 20 kHz – 30 kHz – 40 kHz

We make our own design with HEX nut front (no more crack in the holes), or we do it also as the original design, both in aluminum or in Titanium.

  • Dukane Ultrasonic 15 kHz Heavy Duty Converter – Transducer,
  • Dukane Ultrasonic 20 kHz Sealed Heawy Duty converter – Transducer Model 41S30S
  • Dukane Ultrasonic 20 kHz Heavy Duty Converter – Transducer Model 110-3122A
  • Dukane Ultrasonic 20 kHz, Heavy Duty, 110-3122 Transducer – Converter
  • Dukane Ultrasonic 20 kHz 41C30 rear mount, 41C30-185 Transducer / Converter
  • Dukane Ultrasonic 20 kHz Slim probe – converter – Converter
  • Dukane Ultrasonic 40 kHz, 110-3429, Transducer – converter
  • Dukane 40 kHz, 41C28 side mount probe – Converter-  transducer
  • Dukane 40 kHz solid mount probe – Converter / transducer
  • And all other on request

Advanced know how in.

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