MFG 1 Multi Frequency ultrasonic Generator, Front/side, smart art

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MFG 1 Multi Frequency ultrasonic Generator, Front/side, smart art

MFG 1 Multi Frequency ultrasonic Generator, Front/side, smart art

Large ultrasonic generator W 350 * D 300 * H 145mm, weight 8 kg,   Power up to 8000 Watt.

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Our ultrasonic Generators are able to run any frequency 15 kHz, 20 kHz, 22 kHz, 23 kHz, 25 kHz, 28 kHz, 30 kHz, 35 kHz, 36 kHz, 40 kHz and so on up to our maximum standard today 150 kHz, since it is a true multi frequency ultrasonic generator, any frequency can be set on our ultrasonic generator.
MFG 1 ultrasonic generator assembly systems are available from 200-8000 Watts output power. This enables operating in continues, distance, time, energy or peak power welding modes, depending on the control level selected. Multiple modes are valuable for applications requiring a high level of process control and weld quality.

In addition, the amplitude can be regulated from 10-100% from the front panel or via a remote 1-10 volt signal. All systems include the enhance digital processor PID / PLL frequency control with a frequency window + – 1000 Hz providing enhanced performance, consistency, and reliability.

It also includes a user interface with a LARGE LCD display designed for ease of use in setup, operation, and troubleshooting. The system also has enhanced data capabilities for configuration and information management.

These systems are designed for use in manual, semi-automated, or fully automated environ¬ments. An actuator may be connected and controlled direct from the generators 9 pole Sub-D connector.


User Interface/Process Controls

• User interface featuring makes setup, operation, diagnostics, and troubleshooting easier, since we are also able to remote set your generator up

• Touch Screen available via external windows operated PC – Laptop or tablet

• Lan remote interface connections available via external windows operated PC – Laptop or tablet

• 1 Ms sampling rate of data provides superior performance, consistency, and control.

• Multiple welding modes depending on control level, time, energy, peak power, and ground detect. Energy is settable in increments of 0.1 watt. Peak power can be set in increments of 1 watt %.

• Amplitude 10-100% — can be controlled from the front panel or from remote with a 1-10 volt signal.

• Expanded process control limits, trigger range, energy compensation, provide more choices in application setup.

• Expanded quality monitoring limits to identify “reject” parts.

• Built-in digital amplitude control – for fine tuning of critical applications, because amplitude is the most important variable in ultrasonic welding. The setting has a range of 20% to 100%. Amplitude stabile even under voltage fluctuation.

• True alarm messages for ease of troubleshooting, with links to additional information.

• Self-diagnostics – visual, audible, and logic output alarms.

• Built-in frequency and memory diagnostics for simplified trou¬bleshooting of the converter/booster/ horn stack.

• Alarm and cycle counters are built in for tracking production; works via a real time clock.

• Built-in ground detect with scrub / Afterburst time delay up to 30 seconds to increase tooling and converter life in cut and seal applications.

• Selectable pre-triggering or trigger by time.

• Fully voltage and current protected – able to cut cable under full load, without damaging the generator.

• Password protection feature for lock-out of unauthorized process changes


Power Supply

• Line / Load Regulation – Corrects for variations due to power line fluctuations and varying load conditions.

• Auto tune plus Memory – Provides fully-automatic tuning in a range of ±1000 Hz going up from 19.000 for 20 kHz horns, ±1000 Hz 29 kHz for 30.000 Hz horns, and ± 1000 Hz around 39.000 kHz for 40 kHz horns, and stores the horn frequency during initial start up test.

• IP 65 the generator can be delivered as IP65, for hard environment production.

• Selectable Starting Ramp – To accom¬modate starting characteristics of a wide range of horns. This feature makes it easier to start more difficult horns or enables faster cycle rates.

• System Protection Monitor (SPM) Five levels of power supply protection are provided: 1) phasing, 2) over voltage, 3) over current.

Series 1100 MFG 2200 MFG 3300 MFG 5000 MFG 8000 MFG

Output Power 1100 watt 2200 watt 3300 watt 5000 watt 8000 watt

Line voltage 180-250 VAC 180-250 VAC 180-250 VAC 380-400 VAC 380-400 VAC

Max currect 7 Amps max 14 Amps max 19 Amps max 16 Amps max 25 Amps max

Frequency 14-150 kHz 14-40 kHz 14-25 kHz 14-22 kHz 14-22 kHz

Max cycle rate 300 cycle parts per minute

Ambient temp range 41-122° F (5-50°C)
Ultrasonic Multi Frequency Generator

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