Ultrasonic Service and controller module

The overall structure of the ultrasonic smart power Service and controller module, can be used together also with simple generator to monitor the ultrasonic frequency.

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  1. Automatic tracking mode: The phase tracking mode, the two ends of the load voltage and current phase is a feedback loop, through the realization of the value of the frequency of automatic tracking.
  2. Energy compensation: According to load impedance changes through computer identification and automatically adjusts compensation to flexibility in the use of explosive force, give full play to smooth out the mechanical properties change the special purpose.
  3.  Quantitative control: built-in digital control in 10 to 100 percent within the framework of the quantitative output(Phase-shift control full-bridge inverter)
  4. Feedback concept: the feedback factor of three parts: measurement, comparison and implementation. 。 Measurement of concern variables, and expectations, the adjustment to correct errors setting variables.
  5. Slopes run output: amplitude slope upgrading, in 1 ~ 100 ms within the set.  (In the process of welding products to avoid a dislocation, damage, abnormal phenomena such as)
  6. S needs of the second stage of the required amount of time.  (To meet specific technical requirements)
  7. 1~8ms。 And Precision Response: adjusted response rate, set the scope of 1 ~ 8 ms. 1-10%。 1-10% accuracy adjustment.


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