Ultrasonic servo press

We supply top of the line Servo ultrasonic welding presses, for all ultrasonic welding applications, with liniar roller bearings, in all frequencies.


Email : info@sonic-power.com

  • Narrow 140mm profile for close centre to ­centre distances in multi head and automation installations
  • Rugged construction using the highest quality components provides superior performance, preci­sion, and reliability
  • Compact, single-rail linear ball slide assembly system offers accurate positioning, stable movement, and friction-free resistance
  • Optional serve slow speed (similar to penumatic) available for precise, repeatable control of horn travel during the weld cycle
  • Up to 15″ (375mm) Serve stroke 
  • Top-of-stroke limit switch for automation application
  • All controls are accessible from the front for convenient set-up and operation
  • Easy to use front panel position indicators with universal icons instantly show settings of position and bottom stop, and optional slow speed, pre-trigger, and end-of-weld switches, linear encoder.
  • Titanium booster solid mount are standard
  • High-performance transducer is standard
  • Remote availability offers increased flexibility in system integration
  • Ergonomic base and cycle activation switches reduce operator fatigue
  • Status indicators in base for Power, In Cycle, and Abort clearly communicate system conditions
  • Twist-release emergency stop switch meets interna­tional safety standards
  • Press – thruster design provides system flexibility and upgradeability, reducing equipment investment
  • Compatible with many brands of assembly system

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