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Ultrasonic welder – cutter – slicer 20-40 kHz

Sound of silence, “Easy slider” ultrasonic sewing machines and ultrasonic textile cutter.

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  • Easy slide over tables or floors do to our design with rollers below.
  • Hand / foot dual-mode operation, flexible and practical.
  • Patented PLL closed negative feedback loop automatic frequency tracking system, the frequency of excellent tracking performance Welds from both sides, to provide weld in centre of 2 materials.
  • Novel design of a portable structure, operation of mobile speed and convenience.
  • Compact design.
  • . Small generator only 80 * 205 * 230; light weight, only 2200 grams machine.


Model  Easy Slide
Output power Continues 200W200W
Frequency 28KHZ28, 35 or 40KHZ
Input voltage 220V-240V
Oscillation system Automatic frequency tracking
 Welding aria  Max Ø 20 mm
Weld time 0.01-10S or continiuesly
Add device selected Footswitch

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