Ultrasonic welding actuator – Thruster for automatic lines

Ultrasonic welding actuator – Thruster for automatic lines

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We supply top of the line pneumatic ultrasonic welding actuator, for all ultrasonic welding applications, with liniar roller bearings, in all frequencies.


  • Narrow 140mm profile for close centre to ­centre distances in multi head and automation installations
  • Rugged construction using the highest quality components provides superior performance, preci­sion, and reliability
  • Compact, single-rail linear ball slide assembly system offers accurate positioning, stable movement, and friction-free resistance
  • Optional hydraulic slow speed available for precise, repeatable control of horn travel during the weld cycle
  • 6″ (150mm) stroke with mechanical bottom stop adjustable in .001″ (.025mm) increments
  • Top-of-stroke limit switch for automation application
  • All controls are accessible from the front for convenient set-up and operation
  • Easy to use front panel position indicators with universal icons instantly show settings of position and bottom stop, and optional slow speed, pre-trigger, and end-of-weld switches, linear encoder.
  • Titanium booster solid mount are standard
  • High-performance transducer is standard
  • Remote pneumatics availability offers increased flexibility in system integration
  • Ergonomic base and cycle activation switches reduce operator fatigue
  • Status indicators in base for Power, In Cycle, and Abort clearly communicate system conditions
  • Twist-release emergency stop switch meets interna­tional safety standards
  • Press/thruster design provides system flexibility and upgradeability, reducing equipment investment
  • Compatible with many brands of assembly system



HYDRAULIC SPEED CONTROL precision hydraulic control of the melt velocity. Critical to achieve maxi­mum weld strength in staking, inserting and shear joint applications.

LINEAR OPTICAL ENCODER Ability to weld by collapse and absolute distance through out 7 inches of stroke with .0005 of an inch resolution. (requires DPC III or IV Plus w/ distance module)

PRE-TRIGGER and END-of-WELD LIMIT SWITCHES Pre-trigger provides ability to initiate weld (sonics on) phase of the cycle prior to contacting part. Great for staking applications. End of weld provides ability to weld to predetermined position in the stroke, simple absolute distance.

38mm, or 51mm  or 63mm and 76mm air cylinder

OPTICAL cycle activation switches


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